Real Estate Partner

Our Real Estate Partner division is specialised in business development solutions for real estate developers and construction companies that wish to promote their projects, new developments and launch their properties for Brazilian clients and investors using our local experience and expertise in developing sales.


In the Commercial Representation Office solution, our team works as an extension of your company locally based in Brazildealing with potential buyersOur management team is able to present the portfolio of opportunities to the right buyer and convince them to invest in these projects, by developing a comprehensive property knowledge, which focus on the main concerns of clients and investors:

– Type of Investment

– Return on Investment

– Security

– Liquidity

– Easiness of Doing Business

HC Corporate works by developing a Project Development Plan agreed by our real estate developers following activities which are our core competences: 

– Real Estate Development Services

– Business Development Services

– Marketing and Promotional Services


To receive a initial proposal with our solutions, contact us via email:

Comercial Representation Office

By carefully introducing the Real Estate Developers and Construction Companies in Brazil, it is possible to expand the market share, create awareness, increase conversion and maximize occupancy.

Real Estate Development Services

– Investment Opportunities (Properties for Sale)

– Investment Comparison Table vs Brazilian Opportunities

– Portfolio of Properties

– Risk Management

Business Development Services

– Account Identification, Qualification and Development of Sales

– Management of Clients and Investors

– Commercial Assistance Support

– Properties Introduction

– Identification of Strategic Partnerships

– Direct Sales Appointments

– Personal Investment Consultants

Marketing Services

– Communication Calendar

– Digital Marketing

– Database Development and E-mailing CRM

– Event Planning and Management

– Development of Media Advertisement Plan

About HC Corporate

HC Corporate was established in 2010 with its head office is located in São Paulo, Brazil. The company is focused in developing new business opportunities in trading (import and export), real estate and travel (hospitality and tourism).